Skater Rob Dyrdek Accused of Defrauding L.A. of Millions


Friends and business partners Rob Dyrdek (L) and Joe Ciaglia (R)

Skater Rob Dyrdek is named in a criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles. Internal city documents show an inquiry into allegations that Dyrdek, and his business partner Joe Ciaglia, are guilty of dozens of felony crimes, including fraud, perjury, collusion and bid-rigging in the construction of skate parks all over the city. The charges say Dyrdek and Ciaglia are guilty of securing city contracts with fraudulent charity offers, as well as engaging in “low-bid and change-order” schemes to boost profits after a contract is awarded. The alleged evidence comes from multiple sources in multiple states, including former employees of Ciaglia now turned whistle-blowers.

The Los Angeles district attorney brought charges against Ciaglia for just one of the counts of bid-rigging, and had harsh words for Ciaglia’s allegedly criminal business tactics overall. Ciaglia had to pay a penalty as part of a settlement in civil court.

Still unanswered for, over two dozen times, Rob Dyrdek has offered to give local governments “design services” to build Street League-style or “certified” skate parks. Dyrdek never says what these design services are, but claims they’re worth $50,000 and must go directly to his own business partner. Dyrdek’s offer is usually contingent on Joe Ciaglia, of California Skateparks construction, getting a contract to build that’s worth twenty times Dyrdek’s stated value of the donation. Dyrdek’s offer also puts in writing that Drydek and Ciaglia get free use of the plazas for their Street League skate tour, creating long-term profits through the huge cost the Street League corporation saves in venue rental and temporary course construction.



Beyond what appears to be an obvious scam to get public contracts, Dyrdek and Ciaglia are facing other issues of illegality. Ciaglia has admitted to nondisclosure of past lawsuits against California Skateparks. That’s generally a felony when bidding on public money. Also at issue are allegations that Ciaglia has a record of building without permits and skirting land-development laws, all while giving cash to council members in districts where the allegedly illegal builds take place.

Stoner Skate Plaza stands as a prime example of the results of this allegedly criminal enterprise. A list of local, state and federal laws were broken to construct a massive complex mere feet from residences, resulting in a clear all-day violation of city noise laws. Residents turned out in large numbers to protest at neighborhood council meetings to no avail. A sound study by Behrens and Associate, Inc. found the noise to be “unhealthful to humans.” Real-estate losses are in the millions, with a spike in the number of devalued homes for sale and apartment vacancies. The city has failed to deliver on a promise to spend an additional $1 million in taxpayer money for noise-protection measures.

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Attorney Jeffrey D. Dermer filed these complaints:

1. Attempting to collude and bid-rig the Hansen Dam skate park project.

2. Perjury & fraud arising against the City of Los Angeles pursuant to the Skatepark Agreement.

3. Perjury, fraud, and violations of the California False Claims Act on the following specific bids and projects: Hansen Dam Skate Plaza, Stoner Skate Park, the Jackie Tatum Harvard Recreation Center and the Southeast Valley Roller and Skateboard Rink.

4. Fraud in securing a design-build project in Kennesaw, Georgia — including misrepresenting California as Los Angeles’ “Preferred Skatepark Vendor” in the Kennesaw proposal.

5. Undisclosed conflicts of interest arising from a series of ‘sole source’ preferred vendor projects funded by the Rob Dyrdek Foundation that would never have been let had the true facts been disclosed (that Dyrdek is his business partner and design consultant).

6. Engaging in sham bidding as part of an admitted “low-bid and change-order” strategy used to take control and change projects outside the scope of the competitive bidding laws.

7. Deliberately failing to disclose collective-bargaining agreements on one or more bids to avoid payment of union dues (Iron Workers, Int’l Cements Masons, Carpenter’sUnion).

8. Failing to use the listed design team in the DB Agreement in subsequent projects and instead using related parties such as its subsidiary, SITE Design.

9. Building concrete skatepark structures without a Los Angeles building permit, leading to a major accident where a concrete truck fell through a ramp.

10. Engaging in unlawful business practices in Utah, leading to a Utah Attorney’s General investigation.

(“I’m certain that there are many more instances — I have just begun collecting this information.” –Jeffrey D. Dermer)


58 Responses to “Skater Rob Dyrdek Accused of Defrauding L.A. of Millions”

  1. oh dear god…Rob has become way too big for his DC’s!!
    no hiding behind Big Black now!!!

    • Jorge B Says:

      this is beyond ridiculous I mean the so called “Bigger” concerns are even small. I mean your telling me your going to say someone is a felon because they did business with the city got permission from the city and or property owners of where they constructed, but now that the city is getting complaints from a few people because other people who aren’t Rob Dyrdek are making more noise and bringing down some properties values. I mean how ridiculous does that sound I mean first of all what they are complaining about doesn’t even make sense. Secondly they aren’t even his fault things like other people using his property and making noise are not under his control. Thirdly he did not magically teleport these skate spots and other spots he constructed or force the city to allow them at gunpoint. He made legitimate deals with people and the city and they accepted his money and said perfect we have a deal and now all this time later after everythings already built and they wasted all that cash they say no this is bad you cant do this. YOU SHOULDNT HAVE ALLOWED HIM TO BUILD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN AND MADE DEALS ITS TOO LATE FOR THAT NOW SO YOUR CHARGING HIM WITH A FELONY TALK ABOUT A STUPID AND SORE LOSER.

  2. Dan Cote Says:

    o its bunch of bull. none of the allegations will matter or will they stick, nor will they change anything. The facts are that dyrdek and ciaglia low balled the competitors, however the parks would have cost the same amount for anyone to make them. If they undersell the other companies by hundreds of thousands of dollars then that should raise a red flag to the city of L.A. I also believe that Dyrdek created the parks for the children and created them to keep skate culture alive.

  3. I wonder if that clown Jeremy Larner was also involved?

  4. Your a fucking DOUCHE>>>>>

  5. thats a bunch of b.s. your all worried about a skatepark that all the kids are already enjoying to top it off you probably dont support skating so you can go suck a fat one!!

  6. You sir are a rat. Why make up all this bull shit? Rob supports skateboarding and has done so much for the sport/lifestyle/artform. Shame on you! I’d punch you in the mouth if i met you.

  7. everybody likes to fuck the heros. sometimes its necessesary to go out of bounds to get shit done that eeds doing. fucking d bag lawyer

  8. skateboarding is not a crime!

  9. Kalib Brayer Says:

    Rob did nothing wrong here he’s building skateparks for kids and giving them motivation to be outside and exercise. In construction projects often cost more than expected. Thats normal! Not a crime! and for the sound problem around the skateparks id suggest the neighbors close their window. Boom problem solved assholes!!!!

    • You guys are a bunch dense morons, did you even read the article? They are talking about felonies, illegal criminal activities,fraud, and a lot more. Which has nothing to do with skating! Except for the noise violation, which obviously you know nothing about! America is full of so many ignorant,.uneducated people who are incapable of comprehending a simple article. Go back to school and learn how to read before you start making ignorant comments about things you are obviously clueless about.

  10. Reblogged this on Back to the Core and commented: This sounds very ominous.

  11. Friday i was reading I.N.C Magazine’s ” How i made It ” Today i am reading this. Seriously how to screw your life. Put Rob on the long long list of privileged celebrities that f-up.

  12. Now it’s time for Rob to play the Drama Card or the Drama Whine.

  13. It doesn’t matter if he’s a skater, famous or what: if he ripped people’s money off then he must pay back and go to jail. As simple as that, period.

  14. skatersuckock Says:

    Shady business practice is why this country is in trouble. Honest people were screwwed out of work because of this company. Only politicians etc can work like that, not celebs.

  15. its fucking skateboarding. the city of LA is a fairweather friend at BEST. who can remember when Rob turned pro and skateboarding was outlawed nearly everywhere. Rob should ride this for all its worth. fuck em!

  16. Attorney jeffery dermer is a real peice of shit the untied states government lies, steals,defruads start wars that’s why your country is in the state it’s in where the filthy rich get richer and the poor get more poor. With that said I don’t know what dyrdek did or didn’t do but I do know that he has provided free outdoor skateparks for communities all over America while giving cialgia and lots concrete workers (Americans) a job. Dyrdek and ciaglia haven’t stolen anything from any one sometimes projects need more money to be done properly and the state of california has to maintain parks that’s part of there obligaions of having a park owned by the city whether it be a skatepark, playground or national park. The city should have been aware of the housing around stoner plaza to and just reject the plans for a skatepark or relocate. I doubt dyrdek (himself) has profited a fucking penny for any of it and ciaglia and california skateparks havent profited that much either just regular workers makin regular pay no one person or company has made millions off any of there projects. Jeffery dermer is a lawyer, nothing but scum who has probly never gave back to the community, or society for that matter, he probly dosnt even care about anything except money why else would he be doing this. Obviously he the one profiting and he’s the thief. Fuck you attorney Jeffery dermer

  17. STONER SKATE PLAZA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ROB DYRDEK. We told the city that we wanted a skatepark, Stoner & Nebraska is the area they gave us. Don’t blame Rob Dyrdek for that shit, blame the city.

    • Justin you seemed to have missed the point.

      The city wanted to give you a park… but according to these allegations Dyrdek and California Skateparks used this scenario as an opportunity to make a lot of money in a less than ethical manner.

      • Who the f said he made ANY money? He wanted it done HIS way(the right way). Actually constructing these concrete parks the correct way needs to be done by people who are “very skilled at making skate parks”. They really need to know what they are doing (look at some small town built parks and you will see what I mean. Gap city from crappy form work from “regular concrete crews”)and he did what he had to do to make it happen and not have to come back and redo half the screwups. Do have any idea what it costs to put one of these parks up? The 20 times the $50,000 design donation is $1,000,000. If you knew anything about even general construction you would know that between legal b.s. ,surveying, excavation and then the actual “construction” there’s no room to line your pockets with money. Its his dream to make these safe skate spots for kids who have nowhere to skate and AGAIN wanted it done to perfection so please just do your homework and shut up. Sometimes you have to do what’s necessary to get things done right.

  18. sounds like a bunch of guys in suits trying to make money like a bunch of crooks…why work for a profit when you can just sue somebody for twice as much and work twice as less….Rob and Joe may have made some extra cash but hey at least they’re giving something to a greater cause (freedom of movement/art/sport) rather than just shuffling money around to make more money appear. fuck the man. skateboarding is NOT a crime and actually SAVES lives on occasion. And to the stoner residents, why do you live in one of the biggest cities in the world if you hate noise?? go fuck yourself.

  19. sadbuttrue Says:

    The allegations are true, sorry to say. I have a family member that works for the california skate park compay with Joe C. and she is worried. My family member told me that there were attorneys in his office. Sad but true. My family member is looking for another job before they go raid the place for all the files. Sad part is they might call my family member in to court to testify.

    The messed up part is my family member is now looking for another job because my family member is a single parent with two kids that needs to be supported.

  20. i dont believe it

  21. This entire post is crap. Its a cheap shot at Rob and skaters alike. How can a tourist attraction lower so called “real estate” prices, if anything its pushing the economy in the right direction. Its put these small towns on the map as you so kindly pointed out! In regards to the parks costing more to build than quoted, take a look at the olympic village and stadium in london. You sir, are a penis.

  22. Rob keep doing what your doing bro.. haters can’t see young cats make in life.. did rome need permits? Did pharoahs get sued by government when pyramids were built? Don’t stop him from worldwide history that will be remembered.. heros get remembered, but legends neverdie

  23. man with small penis Says:

    Rob dyrdek is a total tool. the man is almost 40 years old and he hangs around with people barely out of high school. if i was the police i would check into whether rob is a pedophile. personally i have heard rob loves having sex with young thai boys. dont know if its true its just what ive heard. and i personally believe it.

  24. andy heath Says:

    Dyrdek can’t skate pools and he’s a boring jock mobbed-up in capitolism. 🙂

    • You seem to be one of the few on this post who understand the illegal corruption activity that Rob is being accused of. The rest the people think he’s being charged with the crime of skate boarding. What a pathetic joke. I don’t think they understood one word of the article. I was a fan but Rob you sound like a real sleazebag, what a bummer. He says he’s making the parks for the kids but he’s ripping everyone off and making them so he can profit from his steet league co. I hope he has to pay them back and ban his co from bidding, doesn’t sound like it tho, he’s probably got them in his pocket.

      • Read my comment above dummy. And then ask yourself this…”Would I use these skateparks that bear my name, are gorgeous, are good enough for pros to ride(that’s a testament to how well these are built) , help bring a ton of revenue to the towns they are in while the event takes place and only have to kick the town kids off for a few days (which they probably are extremely willing and excited to do knowing that their own spot is getting used for a nationally televised sport and they can go and watch even!)once in a great while?” Something tells me I already know the answer

  25. Christine Sosa Says:

    Rob don’t listen to the haters out there.You’re awsome and always will be.Trust me…these people don’t realize how helpful and hilarious you are.Don’t listen to the crap these bitches are talking about.It’s not your fault or Joe C’s.

  26. this is all bullshit

  27. Agreed. Rob is innocent. Guy is a true entrepreneur

  28. […] last person we should trust is Rob Dyrdek is who is known for scandals such as pointed out here. I guess Mr. Dyrdek figured that  his ripoff of Tosh.O was successful, why not make a rip off of […]

  29. I tell every time something is made for kids and adults they want to take it away and wonder why they get in trouble quit taking away from kids and adults leave Rob alone geeze

  30. Every time they make something for kids and adults to do someone takes it way how sad leave Rob alone

  31. If you all really think about, not a single peron writing on this post knows what exactly took place regarding the possible fraud. With that being said, I definitely have to agree that regardless of Rob being able to use the parks for SL, it has truly benefitted so many kids across the country. It is a much better scenario than skaters defacing property by grinding on shit, ect.. If a scam took place so be it: AT LEAST IT BENEFITTED A SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF AMERICA’S YOUTH!! Joe C is an amazing park builder, and if you look at the detail of the parks, there isn’t a better person for the job, especially with the mind of Rob Dyrdek behind them.

  32. im obviously right Says:

    Who the fuck cares if he committed any of this shit man fuck the government they’re just a bunch of blood-sucking parasites trying to milk every fucking penny off of rob because they are so fucking greedy, America is going down the shitter because people who just want to help the community can’t because they need a permit to own the permit to be a good person but the government wont let them get one because it will make them lose money so who cares if someone just making life better for a kid on the street who has a shitty life at home.
    he can skate to get away from all that shit next time just fucking think is what he’s

    doing really bad when theres drug dealers gangs rape buglery and child abduction how come nobody stops these people but as soon as someone trying to help people comes along we lose our fucking shit it just doesn’t make sense to me

  33. kristi isaacks Says:

    I think rob is great. He has a genuine interest in the kids and is only looking out for them. How can he be condemned for this? I see no one else stepping up to the plate and building places for the kids to go skate in safety. Not only in los Angeles but across America. Wth is wrong with people?

  34. This honestly is reminiscent of Tommy Chong, it truly sounds more like Joe’s doing to cut corners than Rob’s.

    Rob must’ve been too trusting that this man was gonna do things right as he really doesn’t build parks.

  35. OP is a liar Says:

    The author of this article obviously doesn’t know his geography too well. Shreveport is a little bit more west and Atlanta is further East. Also Stoner Park isn’t even close to residential. Its in between a river and a 4 lane inner loop.

  36. rob dyrdek is awesome Says:

    Rob dyrdek is great. U r fucking liars if u think he did all those things. Rob is funny as shit and cares for every skater kid in america. I wish everyone would stop all of this and go on with their lives.

  37. neighbor Says:

    This is all true. The community never knew about the proposed park, and now the neighbors are suffering.

  38. Dyrdek is one of the biggest douche bags in skateboarding (Ban and Scheckler also), I hope these charges stuck and the Street League is a joke, skate the whole park, not the same obstacle.

  39. Dizplay Says:

    So for all of you saying he profited money. I was never there and do not know the details but i have been in the skatepark buisness for quite some time now. Firstly lets get into statistics. I have seen parks built that are fairly small for over 100k ive seen parks that are medium sized that are almost 1m. No matter the cost and no matter how much he spent or made off the the construction of the park or said parks. the city is doing nothing but benefiting from it PERIOD. On any given weekend at least 20 skaters travel to that park, let alone all the other parks across america. i can’t tell you the amount of hours i spent in a vehicle traveling for a skateparks. That being said for every person that travels comes expenses. Gas, food, lodging, purchases. Lets put this in prospective for any city that builds a new skatepark. Usually Crime percentages fall= a plus. say 10 skaters travel to this park this friday and stay the whole weekend. Thats 10 people in a hotel that the city makes money off of. Thats 10 people 3 meals a day for three days. at food places which they are spending money in that city for. Then gas then drinks then possibly a skateshop stop for boards wheels etc. ALL THEIR MONEY IS SPENT IN THAT CITY!!!! They pay nothing to skate but every other penny they spend is on the city. I think the city is the crook here. I have been skating for 19 years and while this post has nothing to really do with skateboarding. It has everything to do with skateboarding. You NEVER see these allegations against a Library building or a Night Club? Never see these fraudulent charges against a person with a dirtbike track in their backyard… or loud farm equipment ran at night… Not sure whats going on here but all i am going to say is. Push wood=Less Crime=Fact.

    • Ten people. Let’s say they spend 50 a night on a room. Let’s say 30 a day on food. Another 20 through out the day. 100 per person. A day. So 1000 a day for ten people. Now look at the expenses for the park. As opposed to the people who book a two week hotel and such just to go sightseeing and whatever else on a vacation. They prolly spent a few grand. Between half the people. The money coming in from skaters isn’t anything special.

  40. neighbor Says:

    Stoner Skate Park was expanded in size by 57% with no one’s knowledge, but the developer, and I guess the ‘designer’. I put that in quotes because whoever designed it did a really bad job, since all the sound goes out to the neighbors across the street. Had it been designed better, there would be no issue there. Well, there would be fewer issues. Skaters are still crapping in neighborhood garages, even though the park has bathrooms. What’s that about?

  41. pam dyrdek Says:

    this is a bunch of bologna rob dyrdek aka my son would never do something like that you all should know that by now.

  42. neighbor Says:

    He’s done it in seven states, the article says, and 100 cities.

  43. And Stoner Skate Plaza ruined the neighborhood. There’s litter all over, drug deals going on, and young men peeing and crapping in the streets, when the bathroom is five feet away. There’s graffiti and unbearable noise and it used to be a really nice neighborhood. Home prices have plummeted and it’s becoming transient, because people who think they can stand the noise get out as soon as their leases are up, because they can’t. Thanks for nothing.

  44. Jim_Kandis Says:

    Well, I’m a born in and raised product of Shreveport, La for 32 years. we’re still hip as far as events and this park type situations. The park is 100 yards on the bank of the Red River and boat launch. The neighborhood in question (Anderson Island) is in no way able to hear the noise from this park. The are across the Hwy and 500 or more yards south of the park on the totally opposite side of the road! The “vagrants” who can’t hit the bathroom are the homeless drug users who squat there to bang dope when the park is not in use. Something they do all over Shreveport not just here. I’m a HUGE follower of ROB DYRDEK and all his functions and would not give this any serious thought what so ever.

    Rob your the $h!# keep on keeping on bro. Mrs. Pam DYRDEK sorry you have to here this about your son.

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