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Lindsay Lohan’s Storage War and Pending Prison Time

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A storage facility in Los Angeles has announced plans to auction off Lindsay Lohan’s unit over thousands of dollars in unpaid fees. Lilo owes more than $16,000 on the space, and can’t pay the bill since the IRS seized her bank accounts for not paying the IRS. Lohan’s storage space is packed with designer clothing, family heirlooms and other items that are said to be “potentially embarrassing.” TMZ reports that Lohan has begged all of her friends to help, but nobody has come up with cash and she’ll lose her stuff by the year’s end.

She may not need the stuff where she’s going. A Los Angeles judge has revoked her probation and Lohan has to appear in court on January 15th to learn how much of the maximum 245 sentence she’ll be serving in county jail. Commissioner Jane Godfrey appeared sick of Lindsay’s constant flaunting of the law, notably with reckless driving charges from her Porsche wreck last year, and the jewelry theft case for which Lohan is on probation.


Stephen Baldwin Arrested for Failing to File Taxes

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Stephen Baldwin was arrested Thursday on a charge of failing to file personal income tax returns for three years in New Tork State. His alleged tax liability, including penalties and interest, for his failure to file in 2008, 2009 and 2010 is more than $350,000.

The Rockland County Special Investigations Unit and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance conduscted the investigation.
Baldwin was released on his own recognizance after pleading not guilty at an arraignment Thursday in Nyack, New York.

Baldwin’s lawyer, Russel M. Yankwitt, said “”Mr. Baldwin did not commit any crimes. He is working diligently with the district attorney’s office and the New York state commissioner of taxation and finance to resolve any remaining disputes.”

Demi Lovato Defends Lindsay Lohan

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Demi Lovato and Perez Hilton have begun an online battle over Lindsay Lohan. Lovato took to Twitter to attack Lindsay’s haters, condemning those who judge Lindsay’s personal life more than her work. Lovato posted, “The media (not just you [Perez]) don’t realize when you need to stop. This isn’t a headline for your readers. This is someone’s life…why does it need to become everyone’s business? If you believe someone needs help – help them.”

A source tells TMZ that Lindsay has fallen off the wagon big time, drinking up to two quarts of vodka a day. Friends have reportedly stopped trying to help her because Lohan turns into a mean drunk with a tendency to get violent.

Radar Online reports that Lohan’s reps are trying for a deal to keep her out of jail by sending her to rehab for six months. A source told Radar, “Lindsay’s manager and agent have been telling her for months that she must go to rehab to save her life. Until now she has resisted, but after her arrest this morning she realizes she needs help.”