Sharon Stone Jewel Thief?

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Sharon Stone has been named by French police as a suspect in a heist that netted more than $1.4 million in jewels at the Cannes Film Festival. The goods were snatched from a hotel room and French police say the fact that Stone hasn’t made a movie in over ten years tipped them off to the fact that she shouldn’t have been anywhere near the scene.

A spokesperson for the Nice police said, “Sharon Stone’s last starring role in a major theatrical release was in 2006’s Basic Instinct 2, which should have gone to straight-to-DVD anyway. So what possible business does Sharon Stone have attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival other than to steal expensive jewels? No one, including Ms. Stone, has been able to give us a good answer.”



Amanda Bynes Strikes Back

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Amanda Bynes has been firing off a series of tweets saying that a New York City police officer sexually harassed her and wrongfully arrested her in the recent much-publicized bust. Bynes was arrested last week on marijuana charges and for allegedly throwing a bong out a window. Amanda says she has plans to sue the New York City Police Department and her family. 

On Sunday, Bynes tweeted, “My lawyer and I are taking this mistake extremely seriously! You cannot illegally enter my apartment then take me to mental hospital without any grounds. I have never been so offended in my life. They found nothing criminal on me or around me, one cop then sexually assaulted me, so I’m suing for all of the above! I’ll be happy when I get money compensation from the cop who assaulted me and NYPD for wrongfully arresting me and having me put into a mental hospital and jail overnight! I don’t want to keep talking about it.”

3 Doors Down Bassist Busted

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Todd Harrell, the bassist for 3 Doors Down, is out of jail on after posting $100,000 bail on Tuesday. He was busted on Friday after a crash in Nashville in which he hit a pickup truck. The driver of the truck was not wearing a seatbelt and died after being taken to the hospital. Police say that Harrell appeared to be intoxicated and he did admit to drinking and taking the prescription pills Xanax and Lortab. At the station, a search by police also found Oxymorphone Oxycodone in Harrell’s sock. The musician is facing charges of vehicular homicide and drug possession.

Reese Witherspoon Bails on Talk Shows

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America’s favorite disorderly person has bailed on a round of talk shows. Reese Witherspoon bailed on her planned appearances on Good Morning America and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. She was supposed to be making the chat-fest rounds to promote her new movie “Mud,” but that little DUI incident apparently changed her minds about answering questions on TV. Witherspoon made headlines for mouthing off to officer who her busting her husband Jim Toth during a DUI stop. But the flaunting of the Legally Blonde’s star power only landed her in the pokey with her hubby.


Rob Kardashian Accused of Robbing Paparazzo

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TMZ reports that Rob Kardashian took serious issue with a photographer who was snapping some shirtless pics of the reality star outside of a gym. They say little brother Rob even stole the photographer’s equipment. 

The photog filed a robbery report on Wednesday after Rob allegedly went berserk because “he wasn’t wearing a shirt when the photographs were taken, snatching the camera’s memory card so the photos wouldn’t get out.” It continues to say that the photo agency alleges that Kardashian ran, promising to later pay for the card.

Lindsay Lohan’s Ex-assistant Testifying

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An ex-assistant of Lindsay Lohan is being compelled to testify in her upcoming trial.
After initially diming LiLo out to police, Gavin Doyle was been served with a subpoena by the L.A. City Attorney’s office and therefore will have to take the stand in Lindsay’s trial over her June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway. Gavin was the person who informed police that Lindsay was driving the car. Sources close to Lohan  say she will not take a plea deal and is insisting that she never lied to the police. Lohan’s court date is on March 1st.

Rihanna and Chris Brown in Court

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Rihanna was right by Chris Brown’s side on Wednesday when he arrived in court to answer charges that he’d lied about doing his community service. Brown had been ordered to perform the service for assaulting Rihanna.

After a review by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the judge said more time was needed to review the evidence and wanted Brown back in court on April 5th.

TMZ reports that Rihanna and Brown walked into the courtroom together, with Rihanna looking “dejected.”